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Our Story

Our story starts a very long time ago when the ravens took wolves under their wings. The ravens knew that as scavengers food is slim pickings for them. They couldn't create food. What could they do?

Smart and cunning as they are the ravens determined that by creating a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship with the wolves each species could thrive. So the ravens learned to guide the hunting party to potential food sources, picking up the scraps. Back at the den a few ravens would stay behind with the young wolf cubs. These ravens would play with and act as a protectors for the cubs. I believe ravens chose wolves to enter this relationship with for their hunting strategies and organized social den life.

Exactly as mother nature intended we believe in building then supporting symbiotic relationships between humans and canines.​

Wolf and Raven came to me while snowshoeing with my then eight month old puppy, Oliver. We reached the peak so we sat to enjoy lunch. Instantly we had company. Four very large ravens. One of them looking rather old and possibly blind in one eye. The ravens start teasing Oliver, trying to get his food. Getting him to chase them then fly back and repeat. It was quite amusing to watch the innocent and playful behavior. Then I remembered of the unique relationship ravens and wolves have. 


​Like the ravens in the story you can guarantee your canine family member(s) are protected while under our wing.

Wolf and Raven uses a combination of pawsitive reinforcement techniques and our own three P.E.T.S training guide to assist you raise confident, independent, mature members of the community.


Our three P.E.T.S Training Guide:

Patience, Enthusiasm, Talk, Socialize

Positivity, Empathy, Time, Structure

Practice, Encourage, Tone, Synergize​


Welcome to the Wolf and Raven Pack!

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