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At Wolf & Raven, we understand that our furry friends need more than just a walk in the park.

Our dog walking service focuses on fun through play, learning from mental stimulation and manners while socializing.

For dogs of all sizes, ages and temperaments. Even dogs labelled as “aggressive” will benefit from our unique approach to dog walking.

We are committed to providing an unparalleled service that not only meets the needs of your canine companion, but also gives you peace of mind. We give your pup the best care and attention they deserve.

Book a walk with Wolf & Raven today!

Wolf & Raven provides training services that are tailored to each individual dog.

Knowledgeable and experienced in house, leash, scent training and reactive dog rehabilitation.

Teaching tricks, coordination, socialization skills, and other skills that will help your companion become a well-rounded, well-mannered dog.


Our training methods use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that your dog is learning in a safe, supportive environment. We believe that every dog is unique and our goal is to help each one reach their full potential.

Learn and grow with Wolf & Raven!


Walk - $20

30 minutes

Extended Walk - $30

60 minutes

Walk + Park - $40

45 minutes

*Adventure - $80

120 minutes

*Fully Booked for May 2024

Training & Socialization

Puppy Training - $30

30 minutes


Adult Training - $35

30 minutes

Scent Training - $40

60 minutes

Socialization - $40

60 minutes

*Reactivity Rehabilitation - $60

60 minutes 

*One Spot Left!

  • All walks begin once leashed up and on the road.

              We follow the city bylaws and require a leash as well as an active dog license.

  • Park service is leash optional at specific parks. Must have excellent recall.

              Free 10 minute walk each way to closest off leash dog park or drop off / pick up at                            designated park 

  • Adventure walks begin once on the trail. Leash optional. Must have perfect recall.

             Travel time is free within Vancouver north of Broadway.

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